letting you do what you enjoy most

WeisMind Consulting

At WeisMind Consulting, we understand that your time is an asset. That’s why we offer services that allow you to be more efficient and focus on what you value most.

Social Media​​

With so much content on Social Media sites, it is vital to have a strategy to reach consumers. We can help connect your business with the world through popular Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many others.


A good SEO strategy is important for attracting customers to your website and build brand recognition. Let us do the analytics and help you develop a strategy to get more website traffic and engagement.

Financial Analysis

It can be difficult to know when to change prices and what effects that will have on profitability. WeisMind will look at your financials and provide easy to read data to recommend what financial decisions need to be made. We use the latest economic theories and financial tools to help you make important decisions. We also offer book keeping services so you don't have to worry about spending time on pesky accounting tasks.


WeisMind understands that it can be difficult to have a well defined strategy, especially when you are busy with your business. We use data analysis and study market trends to help you develop a strategy that will grow your business.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing isn't just about purchasing ads on the web and hoping people click on you ad and make purchases. WeisMind provides data driven and creative marketing strategies that will improve your brand and grow your customer base.

Other Services for unique needs

At WeisMind, we don't believe that we can use just a few different approaches to help your business out. We will sit down and work out unique service approaches that your business needs help with. Just tell us what you need and we will use our resources and creativity to deliver what you need.

About WeisMind Consulting

The roots of WeisMind can be traced back to my personal blog: Behaving Like an American which was created in 2017. The idea was simple: apply what I was learning in my Master’s of Behavioral Economics program in a blog and attract web traffic. My blurbs were well received and I realized that there could be a way to help people while utilizing my business and writing skills. I was also taking a consulting class and was inspired by the book, Flawless Consulting by Peter Block which laid out the foundation for how I would help out my clients. 

I began to explore freelznce writing and many of the jobs led to marketing projects and SEO content writing. This niche became a strength and I continued to learn more about SEO strategy and how vital it is to any marketing plan for business. While SEO became the central focus of my business, I expanded out my services to help small businesses with many other projects such as financial & economic analysis, bookkeeping, business/marketing strategy, and any kind of content creation. More recently, I have explored moving into data analysis and website design.

As the number of clients have grown over the last couple years, I realized that it would be important to register my business and have a website that I can use to showcase my services. I am looking to expand what I can offer to be a full service consultant/freelancer for small businesses. Feel free to contact me with any questions about my services or if you would like to network.